We’re Officially In Business

Hey y’all!

So if you’ve been following our social media, because I haven’t really been posting updates on here very much, then you know that for the past month Andy and I have been working on opening our store [both online and at a physical location].

The process originally started with Andy’s boss wanted to have someone get a vendor’s [seller’s] license and have a yard sale/flea market kind of thing to sell all the furniture and other stuff they find in the houses when they clear out before remodeling/renovating them.

Well, I took that idea and ran with, thinking if it’s going to be a constant thing [all year, every year] and we would need a vendor [seller] license anyway, why not just open an entire thrift store?

So I set up a formal proposal for Andy’s boss and HE WENT FOR IT!

This past weekend we had a final meeting before taking the website live for him to see my entire plan and get a look at what I had done so far. You guys he LOVED everything!

And as of this morning, our store is live online! And taking orders.

Now our next step is just getting the building inspected and cleaned up so we can organize it and open our physical location.

I have never taken on a project this big. I’m both excited and extremely nervous. So y’all keep your fingers crossed for us.

Also, feel free to check out our e-comm store HERE!

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