Well, We’re Doing It!

Hey y’all!

So, I changed my mind about the launch date for our store online [which if you’ve been following us since the beginning really should not surprise you AT ALL. lol].

Instead of waiting another week [and letting the inventory completely take over my house], we launched yesterday. While I don’t have everything uploaded for sale [I’ll be uploading new items daily for a LONG time], there is already a ton of great merchandise available!

Go, check it out. Maybe you’ll find something you love!

Being completely honest with you guys, while I am super excited to be running my own business [outside of the blog], I am completely terrified that it’s not going to go the way I’m planning. Running a store is a lot different than just working at them like I’m used to. And it’s definitely a lot different than running a blog.

I’m trying to stay positive and stay excited, but I’m still super nervous. So everyone keep your fingers crossed for us. Of course I’ll be back here with weekly updates letting you all know how things are doing behind the scenes.

Hopefully this goes super well for us.

Any business advice for running a store [both online and at a physical location] would be super appreciated! Just feel free to leave it in the comments section below!

If you’ like to check out our store [& make a purchase if you live locally – we’re only doing pick up orders at the moment], you can click HERE!


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