Wednesday Is The Big Day!

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

So, Wednesday…the big day. Surgery day. I’m definitely excited, but to say that I’m also nervous is an extreme understatement!

On the one hand I’m excited to finally be getting the work done that I’ve desperately wanted and needed for years…but I’m nervous because it’s a surgery and there’s always that chance of something going wrong [my anxiety only lets me think about the worst possible scenarios].

I know the chance of something life-threatening going wrong is pretty slim [at least, according to what the surgeon says since it’s a pretty routine deal], but the fact that it’s still a chance is all my brain has been focusing on.

And since Andy had the balls to tell me he’s scared for his surgery next week [he’s having the same basic work done] before I could get mine out, I’m now having anxiety over whether or not I should tell him that I’m scared [or actually terrified] too, or should I keep it to myself so that he doesn’t worry more….ughh!

I’m not really sure why I’m sharing this. But I guess while I am, if anyone has any tips or tricks that help ease anxiety I’d love it for you to share them in the comments below!

Thanks in advanced!


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