The End Of One Journey & The Start Of Something Amazing!

Hey y’all!

If you follow our podcast, I’m sure you’ve already heard. But, for those who haven’t…. we’ve decided to end the podcast. Last week’s episode was our last episode. We recorded a good-bye message earlier today and published it.

As much as we enjoyed talking with you guys each week, we have had another opportunity present itself that is just too amazing to pass up. While we could easily incorporate the new adventure into the podcast – it would take an extreme amount of work, and we just don’t have that kind of time.

However, we will be able to easily include it into the blog.

Want to know what the amazing opportunity is…?….. WE’RE OPENING A STORE!

Yep! We will opening a store [both online and brick & mortar] to sell the new and gently used furniture and home decor. And honestly, I don’t think I could possibly be anymore excited!

I will be posting our journey throughout getting the physical store up and running and our adventures with the online store [neither Andy nor myself have every owned and operated our own store before, so it’ll be a lot of trial and error in the beginning].

While I hate that this meant we ha to get rid of the podcast. I realistically couldn’t share great episodes and work full time running the store, that would just put a lot of work and stress on me. Plus, blogging about the store and being able to share photos and videos with you guys seems a little more enjoyable [for both us and y’all] than just listening to us talk about what’s going on.

Hopefully you all still continue to follow us, and [once we are able to offer shipping] will also shop with us 🙂



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