Stepping Down

Hey y’all!

If you follow any of our other social media, then you’ve probably already seen the news. But incase you don’t or haven’t…

I have decided to step down from being an influencer for both Farmasi and Thrive. While it wasn’t an easy decision, it’s what is best for our family at the moment. I don’t think it’s a permanent leave, but it will be for at least a few months. I’m hoping once we finish our current project (which you can read about HERE), I’ll be able to go back to at least one of them.

It really wasn’t an easy decision AT ALL. I love both companies, completely support their products, and the friendships I’ve made throughout my time with them is beyond amazing! I’m super grateful for the opportunities both companies gave me, but right I just have so much going on with my personal life and other businesses (that take priority) that I wasn’t able to give those companies my 100%, which isn’t fair to them or the customer base I had accumulated.

I will still be doing color matching for Farmasi and will help anyone who needs more info on the products, but for purchasing I’m redirecting everyone to a current influencer who is beyond amazing! You can find her shop HERE!

Thank you to everyone who supported me during my journey with both companies. I absolutely love each and every one of you! Continue to follow us and you may see a post soon about me returning to both (or at least) one of them!


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