Planning The Journey

Hey y’all!

So I’ve started planning out our homeschool journey for next year. I’ve done some learning with the kids here and there, but nothing “formal”. However, with A.J starting to ask more questions and be more interested in learning, I’m thinking we will start him with a scheduled school time next year.

I found a cirriculum that I’ll be using for our basis (though I’m sure I’ll tweak the assignments just a little bit to make them more interesting and easier for AJ to learn) and I’ve set up how long our school year will run. Now, normally you do have to let your local school district’s superintendent know that you plan to homeschool, however since A.J will be 4 when we start (which is technically not the age that they allow kids to start kindergarten, so he’d really only be aged for pre-k), I do not have to let them know.

Our school year is going to be as hands-on as I can possibly make it, and it will run from July 5, 2022 through December 9, 2022. Since we are homeschooling, that’s a super short school year because we really can turn anything and everything into a lesson plan.

Now, I’m not sure about the homeschooling requirements everywhere (I HIGHLY recommend checking with your state/country before deciding to homeschool to see what they require), but for us the only subjects that are required are:
-Language Arts
-Ohio State History
-U.S History
-Physical Education
-Fine Arts
-Health & Safety

So nothing too hard is really required. But we also have extra subjects that we plan on teaching like Sign Language and Foreign Language (Mandarin & German).

For those of you looking for a good cirriculum to start with, I definitely recommend Easy Peasy, it carries up through grade 6/7…and it’s FREE to print.

Do any of you all homeschool your kids, or were you homeschooled yourself? How was it/ is it going?

Be sure to check back often as I’ll update you through my entire planning process, and also share any and all awesome resources I come across!


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