Our Mortgage Meeting

Hey y’all!

So Andy and I went to meet with a mortgage lender that his boss refered us to today, not expecting to actually take out a loan today but more so to see what options we have available.

While we don’t qualify right now for a mortgage loan, we do know the steps we have to take now to get there.Which is great because hats more than what we knew first walking into the meeting.

We found out that while we don’t have bad credit (which is great), the one thing that’s hurting us is that we also don’t have much of a credit history. We usually pay cash for everything or use our debit card (but we also have only had our current bank account for about 4 months or so).

So step one to us owner a bigger house is that we need to create some kind of (good) credit history. So this Friday (because we couldnt really do much today since we had both kids at the appointment with us and Junior was extremely restless), we are going to make another appointment with him and take a credit card that we will use solely to pay our water bill, and then pay off that balance each month).

We were told that even though it’s going to take a while for that to build up on our credit (roughly 6-7 months), it will significantly help more than anything else we could do.

Y’all!! I don’t know how to express my excitement enough! So far 2021 has brought so many changes and forcing me to step outside my comfort zone, but it all been for the best (so far). From starting the process of owning a new home to starting two new business, I’m feeling extremely positive about the future for our little family right now.

What positive changes has 2021 brought your family, despite this crazy and super depressing pandemic!? I’d love for y’all to share them below!

Let’s celebrate our successes together!


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