Making Progress

Hey y’all!

So if you follow any of our other social media, like TikTok or Clapper or Instagram, then you know we’ve really made some good progress on the new house remodel.

All we have left to do, aside from actually moving all of our stuff, is to install the dishwasher and hookup the toilet in the master bathroom.

I am so excited to just be done and move in already, y’all I seriously can’t wait. For those who don’t follow our other social media (which can be found HERE), check out the videos below to see some of the progress we’ve made already.

We are having so much fun remodeling you guys!! I any wait until it’s finished and decorated to show you guys!!

What’s one room in your home that you’d love to remodel, and what would you do to it? Share with me down in the comments below!


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