Last Night’s Shit Show

Hey y’all!

So literally EXACTLY like the title says, last night was a shit show. And I don’t mean that figuratively AT ALL!

Basically I got woken up to Andy pulling the covers off of me and going from nice and toasty warm to absolutely freezing balls!! Why?

Well because about ten minutes before that, he was woken up by our beautiful toddler (AJ) who had taken off his diaper in his sleep and literally SHIT not only in our bed, but also in our bedroom floor, the hallway, his bedroom floor and all over toilet!!

Y’all…it was literally a shit-splosion!! Oh and y’all want to know the absolute best part…WE DON’T HAVE A FUCKING WASHER OR DRYER AT THE MOMENT!!

So the shit covered blankets have to just sit in the house until a decent morning hour when I can wake the kids back up to go to Andy’s mom’s house and wash them…

So, yeah that’s how our Wednesday started. Hopefully you guys are having a better day than us. And I’m hoping ours will get better. 😒


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