It’s Coming Along

Hey y’all!

So we’ve been working the new house for about two weeks now and it’s FINALLY coming along. We are finishing up the bathroom floor and then we just have a little bit of cleaning to finish and get the HVAC unit installed and we’ll be ready to move in.

If it was just Andy and myself (you know, if we didn’t have the kids) we’d already be living there, but we can’t live there with kids without A/C, especially with how hot it’s been here lately.

But I started packing some of our stuff today and I’m going to take it over to the new house either tomorrow or Friday.

But y’all!!! We haven’t even moved in yet and we’ve already found the “Karen” of the neighborhood. So apparently, her son (along with everyone else in the neighborhood) went to the police auction for this property. Well the realtor (Andy’s boss) who we’re buying it from out-bid everyone. Nobody else is really that sour about it, except of course Karen. So basically when she saw us outside the other day she felt it necessary to come over and tell us all about how there’s a landfill buried out in the back half of our land (which we already knew about, it’s about 35-40 feet underground) and how the people who lived there before us had about a dozen cats that peed on everything and are probably dead under the house (which we also knew about, that’s why we’re completely remodeling everything). She tried telling us we’re over paying, that it “only sold for this much at the auction”, all the little shit we already knew.

Now, don’t get me wrong, with the condition the house was in, normally we wouldn’t have paid what we did. However, the reason we’re paying slightly more for the house is because not only is the realtor putting in all new HVAC units ($15k), he’s also covering our closing costs ($10k) and providing all the materials and tools we need to complete the remodel. So honestly, we’re getting a deal because he’s not even charging us for half the stuff we’re getting like my bath tub and my flooring.

But anyway, she was telling us all about her dogs and how it’s rare but sometimes they do get out of her fence and that we need to be sure we’re watching our kids when we’re outside because two of her dogs do NOT like people. First of all, what!? So my husband (ever so kindly) informed her that if we see her dogs in our yard we will give off a warning shot first, but if they are charging at us or our kids they will be shot (because you know, KEEP YOUR FUCKING DOGS IN YOUR YARD WITH A BETTER FENCE if you know they don’t like people). She just laughed and said “yeah, ok”. So we’ll see how that goes.

But honestly, everyone else (that we’ve met so far) in the neighborhood has no problem that an outsider bought the house and is fixing it up. They all just wanted it for the land and to make the neighborhood look decent again. Which we found out from another neighbor (who was fucking awesome by the way) that Karen and her family only wanted the land because they wanted to put a shooting range on the back half of the 8 acres (they had no plans to fix up the yard, the house, or any of the other buildings on the property like we’re doing), so she’s just a sour puss bitch because she’s not getting her way.

So we’re going to see how this all plays out with her. But regardless, we’re super excited to move in. Even the kids are happier there and never want to leave when we go by to fix up some stuff. I’ll definitely be keeping you guys updated on how it plays out with Karen, so be sure to follow along on the blog and the rest of our social media to stay updated!


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