I Just Kind Of Jumped In

Hey y’all!

I seriously think I have a problem when it comes to taking on new projects. I’m not really sure why I feel the need to be invested in more than one thing at a time, and every time I do it I tell myself I’ll never do it again…yet here I am.

Working on 3 different new business ventures at the same time. Why…I have no idea.

Like seriously? There has to be someone else like this out there, or someone who could at least help me figure out why I feel the need to be constantly working on something.

So what’s my newest project (because I’m sure by now y’all know about the store)??

Along with this blog and running a new store, I’m not also a beauty influencer for a cosmetic company!

To say I am in love with this makeup would be a HUGE understatement you guys!

Not only do I love the way I feel with it on (it’s super light and doesn’t break out my face- which is hard to find), but it’s also super affordable compared to other great makeup brands.

(I’m not trying to make this sound like a sales pitch kind of post, I’ll apologize now if it comes off that way)

If you follow our Instagram page (or even if you’re friends with me on Facebook or Snapchat), you’ve seen my recent posts bragging about this new makeup. Y’all!!! I’m starting to think now that I wasn’t wearing makeup everyday because [aside from it feeling super heavy on my face] I didn’t feel completely cute and confident in it! Because I definitely look forward to waking up and putting on this makeup in the mornings!

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