I Finally Got A Chance To Start…

Hey y’all!

So I have been putting off [sort of] going to the warehouse building to sort through the inventory, but I finally made [and/or had] the time to do it today. I didn’t get a chance to really go through everything like I need to, but I did come across a few great pieces.
They’ve already been uploaded to the store, you can CHECK THEM OUT HERE if you’d like. Plus, I got to try and see what I really need to do as far as getting the building remodeled to give it the look and feel I’m shooting for. Let me just say y’all…IT’S GOING TO TAKE A LOT OF TLC! But as bad as I want this business venture to work out, I’m ready to throw on the tool belt and get started now.

I just need to find my babysitter [I actually know where she is, but I need her to finish the school year first] so I can have someone watch the kids [or at least A.J.] while I get some work done. I’ve shared a picture in this post of the front interior and exterior for you all to see the before look of the building , and as we work on it I’ll share more for you to see the progress we make.

I’m so nervous about starting this you guys, but I’m also super excited. I don’t really know right now which emotion is stronger. But either way, I’m jumping in and keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out and it can be successful!

So, stay tuned here and all our other social media to keep up with our progress of starting our first real business!


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