Homeschooling Preparations

Hey y’all!

So if you’ve been following us from the beginning, then you already know that we are going to homeschool the boys.

Well with AJ turning three this year, I’ve really been trying to get everything set up and have a serious school year with him. So what have I decided on??

Well, I settled on the school years lasting from the first Monday in September until the third Friday in January. Which means this coming school year for him will be from September 6, 2021 until January 21,2022 (20 weeks). I’ve him a set schedule for each day planned out (I’ll attach it below for those of you wanting to homeschool to use as an example or starting point). His days start at 8am, with learning starting at 9am, and the days end around 8:30pm but learning stops at 1:30pm.

Now I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it just a bit once we get started, but I think that’s a good starting point to get him used to actually sitting down and having quiet learning time and also there’s a few subjects where we will be doing outside learning so he will get to run out most of his energy and hopefully it’ll help us establish a decent bed time as well. So, that schedule is linked below for you guys to check out and use if you’d like.

I’ve also shared a few other links below for where I’m keeping track of his grades and our hours, where I’m finding most of the worksheets we will come from, and even a couple of websites that offer some awesome free virtual field trips.

Once we finish getting moved and I get his school area set up, I’ll share that with you all. I’ll also do periodic updates throughout the school year giving you all tips on things to try that work for us and products/link I find that I love (because I’m sure as we get deeper in, I’ll find and love more than just what’s shared below.

Hopefully the links and schedule help some of you who are just getting started or are looking into the idea of homeschooling.

As with anything else, I do recommend looking up your state’s laws and requirements for homeschooling. You can do that HERE!

Products/Links I’m Using (& Recommend):
1.Thinkwave (Grade Recording) (Lesson Plans & Worksheets)
3.EasyPeasy All-In-One-Homeschool (Lesson Plans & Worksheets)
4.Discovery Education (Virtual Field Trips)
5.We Are Teachers (Virtual Field Trips, Worksheets, & Supplies)


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