Thursday Check-in

Hey y’all!

So I’m pretty sure I’m going to fucking lose my mind. Between trying to get the house perfectly clean for my mom coming up in two weeks, trying to keep the kids alive and not bouncing off the damn walls, potty training A.J., David’s teething, and my mental health taking a hit….this week has been fucking ridiculous!

I see a ton of other moms [and stay at home dads too] that somehow are managing to do it all, and then there’s me here struggling just to keep myself sane so I won’t overreact at the littlest things my kids do. Like how the fuck are other parents not losing their shit 95% of the time??

Is there seriously some parenting secret or trick that I haven’t been made aware of yet? Or did they teach something in those parenting classes that I skipped both times I was pregnant??

I don’t know, some days I swear I don’t think I’m built to be a mom or a housewife. It just doesn’t feel like something my brain was programmed to be able to do.

If anyone else seems to have their shit together and is rocking the mom and housewife role, leave me your tips to getting it all done without having your mental health suffer in the comments below. I’d love you and greatly appreciate it!



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