Family Update!

Hey y’all!

So I think it’s to give you guys an overall family update. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done just a regular check in without something big going on 🙂

So how is everyone doing? Are y’all ok??

I’m finally [almost] completely healed after my surgery. There’s still a little bit of swelling and every now and then I get a little pain, but I’m alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol to help with that. I’m definitely excited to be fully healed and have the swelling go down to finish getting all the work done. I’m beyond ready to start showing the finished look off 🙂

Andy goes in for his surgery tomorrow. He’s just as nervous, if not more, than I was. But after the experience I had [minus my panic attack freak out moment, lol] I know everything will go fine for him. I’ll be on TikTok and Clapper tomorrow while he’s in surgery so definitely check out those channels to stay up to date with how he’s doing and to just have fun and chat with me 🙂

Andy’s mom is coming to our house in the morning to sit with the kids while we’re in Columbus, so I’m spending all day today deep cleaning the house and getting stuff better organized for her. And I’ll be finishing up organizing our new bedroom set, which is mostly just putting our clothes where the go in the new dresser. It’s definitely a lot of work though while trying to keep both kids entertained and not beating each other up lol.

I’m also reorganizing the kids’ room because in about 2.5-3 weeks my mom and our old roommate are both coming up to stay with us for a week [and to be here for the boys’ birthday party], so I’m trying to fix up spaces for them to be comfortable and have somewhere to sleep.

Most of you already know from following our other social media, but Andy and I recently started an OnlyFans account. Now, before anyone gets all upset and starts to unfollow us, it is NOT that kind of account. For those who are interested, we will be using it to share pre-recorded and live videos for everyone to smoke and chat with us. We will be sharing our first video in about 2-3 weeks, once we are both fully healed from surgery. You can check out and follow the OnlyFans page HERE. We also have an Instagram account just for the OnlyFans, which you can follow so you’ll know ahead of time when we’ll be doing our first video, you can go follow that HERE. Both links can also be found in our Linktree.

On a side note, I also happen to be having a tough day mentally. Nothing in particular is wrong, I just don’t feel at my top performance mentally. I just kind of want to crawl back in the bed, hide under the covers, and spend the rest of the day crying. But I’m not really sure why…so there’s also that kind of slowing me down with getting the house finished and all perfectly clean.

But on a happier note, the kids are super excited for my mom to be coming to visit and AJ is really excited for his birthday party [lol, even though all he talks about is the presents that he wants to get].

In a nutshell, that’s how things are on our home-front. So how are you guys doing??


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