DosiFace [Luster Pod]


THC: 70%
CBD: 0.01%

OPINION: I had been wanting to try this strain FOREVER! I had been seeing a ton of hype about it on other blogs/websites, and let me just say THEY ARE NOT WRONG!
While it doesn’t have a strong taste like other vape strains I’ve tried, it does have a little extra kick to it [my first hit of it gave me goosebumps, lol] and a hit of “earth” flavoring.
Because it’s a hybrid [which I love], it does give relaxing feelings but for the first few minutes I noticed I had an increase jolt of energy.
[Basically, if you’re up and moving while vaping this, you’ll want to keep working or find more work. If you decide to vape this while lounging on the couch, you’ll want to take a nap].
I managed to hit the vape pen all throughout the day, and still get quite a bit of work done.
If you’ve been considering trying this strain at your next vape trip, I recommend going for it!

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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