Awesome Opportunity!

Hey guys!

So as most of you know, Andy works in construction [remodeling and renovating home]. Well, his boss came to him a few days ago with an idea of starting a thrift store, or indoor yard sale, for the furniture and other items that they come across in houses after people have moved out [you know, the stuff the old tenants leave behind].

And….he wants me to run it! You guys….I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED! Other than Andy’s boss being the one giving me the items to sell, and providing us a building to run the business in [which we will pay him rent for], it will be our business! We’d get all the licensing and everything in our names. We have a plan that we sent over to his boss on how we’d split the profits [his boss’ portion would include a percentage for a rental fee of the building]. Now I’m just waiting to hear back from him on how he feels about it.

If he goes for it, then I will have my [mostly] own business in about a month. Which doesn’t give me much time to get the licensing and all, but I could start advertising since we already have a ton of inventory ready to sell.

So…you guys, keep your fingers crossed for us! If having the brick & mortar store goes really well, I may be able to expand it to have an online store as well [which means you guys could shop with us too!].

I’ll be keeping you guys updated with how this is going when I hear back from Andy’s boss.


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