All Emotions Now

Hey y’all!

So I’m in a few mom groups on Facebook and one of the big topics this past month or so has been changing your kids over from a 5-point harness carseat to a regular booster seat. Now I’ve looked up our state laws and checked out everything. The minimum age is 4 years old for a booster seat.

Do y’all know what that means??? Next year, my first baby (the one who made me a mommy to begin with) will be old enough to use a booster seat with the car’s build in seat belt…

I AM ALL IN MY EMOTIONS NOW!! Here I am looking for ways to try keeping him as my little baby forever and the universe keeps throwing more things in my face to remind me how big he is getting!

Like come on now, I am in no way, shape, or form ready for my babies to grow up. I’m over here trying to keep them as little as I can, for as long as I can.

Any other mom’s feeling extra emotional about their babies growing up lately or is just me??

AJ’s already starting his homeschool journey in a few months, I think that’s old enough. He doesn’t need to grow up anymore. The fact that he will be a school-kid in September had me overly emotional to begin with. And then I see this and now I just want to crawl up in a ball in my bed and hold him so tight that he can’t grow up anymore.

Ugh! Nobody ever tells you about this part of being parents, I swear it’s harder watching them grow up than it is dealing with anything else, terrible twos included!

Anyone else like this…or am I alone here??


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